Planning for 2.1 written essay

Question 4. Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s).

The significance of the books in the text revealed the Maturation of Liesel.

Everytime Liesel steals a book she matures more and more

  • Stealing the first book the ” grave diggers hand book” From the beginning Liesel is shown to be very innocent. She knows her family are running away but she doesn’t understand the danger she was in. Her brother dies and she keeps the book that is left by his grave. This is the first book she has ever read so she matures by becoming more independent, she learns how to read and loses her family so she feels the need to fight for herself.  It is something that she keeps with her all the time to feel close to her brother as she is all alone moving to the hubermanns house so the book gives her a sense of being closer to her brother through the book. We know as the readers that death is always with her. It represents the Connection she has with her brother, The connection she has with death, the first book she has as a thief.  “The book thief had struck for the first time- the beginning of an illustrious career.” The first book she steals promotes the loss of Liesels innocencence as she learns that death is very real and around her all of the time.


  • The Liesel then gets a book called the shoulder shrug.  The shoulder shrug is the second book the Liesel takes for a burning pile of NAZI books. Her Innocence is dying as she understands that Hitler’s ideals don’t like her mother as she is communist. She doesn’t like the way they are burning books she can read. Liesel is starting to become rebellious because she is willing to against NAZI Germany rules and steal propaganda books. “Beneath her shirt, a book was eating her up”

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